October 14th, 2009

After traveling to Spain over 80 times, I wanted to visit a village in Puebla de Sanabria named Pueblo Lubian. With a group of very good friends, we rented a van and went to the city of Zamora in Western Spain. From there we went to the city of Puebla de Sanabria were we overnighted at the beautiful Parador Nacional and had a wonderful culinary experience. After lunch we went to Lubian only 15 minutes away and visited the Ayuntamiento. We met some residents, some with the Lubian last name like the mayor – Felipe Lubian. It was defintely a wonderful experience, in which I will write more soon. We returned to Madrid in Salamanca and had lunch at the Plaza Mayor in the Cervantes Restaurant, a place that I know from previous visits. Then, we visited Salamanca and the university. We returned to our Hotel Vincci Somma in Madrid. During this visit, my friends went to Toledo, Segovia and Valencia. Towards the end of the trip, they visited Seville.

The trip was amazing and we all had a wonderful time!


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