December 13th, 2009

OasisOfSeasSince we are approaching the Port Everglades Newly Built terminal to our right the Planes are landing at the Ft.Lauderdale Airport and on the distance you could see the 220,000-ton Oasis of the Seas,

The biggest, most talked-about cruise ship on the planet, at its Port Everglades home port.

After being in more than 150 different cruises, all sizes and shapes the 5,400- passenger Oasis, the largest, widest and tallest cruise ship afloat,Did not disappoint me. It is difficult no to be impressed by this one. The Ship was full and there were no lines the check in was smoothly.

The ship two most interesting and unique features: The Boardwalk and Central Park outdoor “Neighborhoods” in the central spine of the ship’s interior. Central Park is a quieter and more “adult” space

Than the family-friendly, Coney Island-style Boardwalk.

Royal Promenade and the ship’s theater, both bigger and designed with some differences, but still familiar. The Ship’s Central Park and the Aqua theater are examples of revolutionary aspects.

As a cruise expert I was Most Impressed by the high technology in all aspects, and from the Huge Plasma TV in the rooms and the new Photo selection by Computer, where the guest select his pictures and these way is not a waste on photo printing making the ship really green.

With 37 cabin categories to choose from, deciding where to stay on the Oasis could be daunting. One of these accommodations is the Balcony cabins overlooking the Boardwalk and Central Park neighborhoods. This are the first balcony cabins that don’t overlook the sea (the Boardwalk cabins face the interior Boardwalk neighborhood, but they offer a partial ocean view by looking to the sides beyond the Aqua Theater)

The Broadway show was superb and so was the Ice Show.

The Unique Aqua Show is the only one in the world oceans and the performance in the show by Abracadabra is incredible. Their Impression of ABBA was incomparable.

The Oasis offers many amenities for free that could have carried a charge, such as the Zipline, The Rock Climbing wall, The Carousel, The Flow Rider surf simulator, the mini-golf course and the ice skating.

The short Cruise comes to and End with a Well organized departure in two gangway and it was My time to say Good Bye to the New Baby of the Cruise Industry “Like the words of general McArthur in World

War II when hi left the Philippines “I SHALL RETURN””